Hey, my name is Sven Wegscheider. I´m from Germany and a Gracie Barra purplebelt. We had the luck that we have 2 Seminars with your student Guido Jenniges. I want thank you in this way. He is a very friendly guy and a very good instructor. He shows good techniques and explained them well. So you did a good job with him and he did a very good job in Germany. We are looking forward for the next time he will be here to have another great seminar.

 I remember my first day on the mat at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.  I was very nervous very anxious to learn.  My partner, luckily, was a friend who also just started with me and we took the introductory class which lead into a “Combative’s” class (beginner’s course) that we also participated in.  We were both lost and needed a lot of help, and that’s when I had my first encounter with Guido Jenniges, at the time, a Gracie Certified Brown Belt with several stripes.  He quickly came to us to let us know what we were doing wrong and how to fix it.  He showed us physically and spoke in very easy to understand terms. A year later after getting my Blue Belt, and Guido getting his Black Belt (one of the first non-Gracie Black Belts), he continued to mentor me.  I probably would not have not gotten my Blue Belt at the time I did without his help; but, where I really noticed and appreciated Guido’s expert help was when I entered the advanced and “fight simulation” classes.  Guido is patient, able, meticulous, and very knowledgeable on how to teach someone comfortably Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  When there are over 600 students at one academy, it is not enough to rely on two Gracie’s alone.  Guido was always there to help me and many others.  Furthermore, even when he was not teaching me personally, I would watch him teach others, which in return helped me tremendously.     Because of Guido’s tutelage at the Gracie Academy during the classes and during our private lessons, I came in third at the World’s No-Gi Championships, placed first at another No-Gi tournament hosted by Javier Vasquez, feel more confident in my Jiu-Jitsu and rolling, am a sharper student at the academy, and most importantly gained a life-long friend who I respect and admire.

Kim Johnson

Guido is a veteran at the Gracie Academy. I grew up at the academy and remember seeing Guido there since i started. He has helped me become the jiu-jitsuist that i am today. Throughout my teenage years, guido would train with me, teaching me techniques and helping me improve my timing. Because i was smalller, i didnt like to roll with larger opponents beacause i would get over powered or injured . With Guido i never felt that way. He would roll with me just enough to give me a good challenge. Guido is a great instructor and jiu-jitsuist who helped me grow into the black I am today. Jordan Collins
   Vor einiger Zeit habe ich meinen zwei wöchigen Urlaub in Los Angeles verbracht und das große Glück gehabt, dort von Guido Jenniges., einem langjährigen Freund meiner Familie, herzlichst empfangen zu werden. Als langjähriger und erfahrener Trainer des Gracie Jiu-Jiutsu brachte mir Guido diese Kampfsportart näher. Mit seiner klaren und deutlichen Vorgehensweise, versteht es Guido die unzähligen Techniken und Schwierigkeitsgrade der verschieden Bewegungsabläufen des Jiu-Jiutsu, in einer unmissverständlichen, einfachen und geduldigen Art zu übermitteln. Neben vielen weiteren Trainingseinheiten während seiner Deutschland Besuche und aufgrund meiner positiven Erfahrungen und der Notwendigkeit sich in der heutigen Zeit selbstbewusst verteigen zu können, habe ich meine Freundin überzeugen können sich ebenfalls mit dem Erlernen des Jiu-Jiutus zu beschäftigen. Mein persönliches Ziel ist es nun meine elernten Fähigeiten und Erfahrungen zu perfektionieren und bei Guidos nächstem Deutschland Besuch mit meiner Freundin die Prüfung zum Blue Belt erfolgreich zu absolvieren. A few years back I spend my vacation with an old Family friend of my Parents in Los Angeles. Guido a longtime and experienced Gracie Jiu Jitsu instructor took me to the Gracie academy and introduced me to this amazing self defense art. With patience, clear and simple explanations Guido understands to demonstrate and teach Jiu Jitsu moves at all levels of difficulty. Guido even taught me during his stays in Germany and I was able to get my girl-friend interested in the Art as well because we feel that it is necessary today to be able to defend ourselves. Our personal goal is on Guido's next visit to successfully pass our blue belt test with him. Thanks Guido Dani Catalano, 
Jiu Jitsu Practisioner, Langenfeld, Germany
I met Guido in my first days as a white belt when everything and everyone was brand new to me on the mat. Guido was so helpful to get my Jiu-Jitsu going in a solid direction and he quickly became one of the faces that I looked forward to seeing when I came to train. Guido's enthusiasm for Jiu-Jitsu is one of the many reasons that he is so good at teaching it. When ever I get the chance to train with him, I walk away learning something that sticks with me. Teaching takes a lot of patience, passion, knowledge and skill; Guido has all of these traits as a Jiu-Jitsu athlete and as an instructor. I am grateful to have him as a training partner and also as a friend." Roxanne Saffaie Gracie Jiu-JItsu Blue Belt Gracie Academy-Torrance, CA